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Family members and friends will ask how they went through their lives without every hearing of an unattended death. I usually reply the phrase unattended death came into my life about the time I became a

biohazard cleaner. So it's not a casually used phrase, I gather. My name is Eddie Evans.







I explain that unattended deaths in Los Angeles probably increased with affluence in the US. As we earned more discretionary income, and as the nuclear family replaced the extended-family, in part. We began to exercise our new choices, choices that did not exist before more wealth entered our families.

People with less discretionary income often live in smaller homes with more people. Even here the residents find a need for unattended death cleanup.


We live alone because we choose to or we must. It follows that unattended deaths will increase as solo living baby boomers die alone. When down for more than a few days they will begin to decompose, and rapidly in warm weather. In these cases a professional cleaner should clean an unattended death because a decomposition following an unattended death creates unpleasant blood cleanup tasks.


Psychological issues may persist for some choosing to clean after an unattended death.


On this unattended death cleanup web page you will find information related to cleaning services and the following subjects.






Death Odors

A professional unattended death cleanup reduces or removes odors. These odors will fade given time, usually over six months, depending on termperature, ventilation, and other environmental factors.

The death odor permiates organic and inorganic materials consisting of a cellular structure. Under the organic category, this includes cotton fabrics, paper, and wool rugs.


Under the inorganic category this includes carpet padding, drywall, and synthetic materials found in mattresses and furniture. All of these matterials contribute to prolonging the unaccompanied death's miasma, odors arising from bacteria off gassing.


The death odor does not create a biohazard. Just the same, it might help your sense of caution to at least wear a paper nose-and-mouth mask. Besides, airborne dried blood creates biohazardous conditions.

Odors permiate cellular materials after surrounding and saturating the material. By osmosis from its presence in high concentrations it clings and permiates, and will come out after time. The amount of time required depends on ventillation, temperature, material, and exposure time and concentration.


The death odor's presence recedes with ventillation. With ozone treatment it recedes quickly, although not completely in some cases. Property placed outdoors will lose its death odor faster than remaining indoors. Removing all contaminated items helps to return the room to a normal fragrance following a complete unaccompanied death cleanup.


Sealing walls with Kilz or Zennsser also reduces or removes death odors to complete an unaccompanied death cleanup.


Blood Cleanup


Blood removal for an unaccompanied death cleanup calls for professional biohazard cleaners because of its severity in many cases. An unaccompanied death with advanced or intermediate decomposition presents a wide array of effuents, decaying human fluids. The sight of an unaccompanied death may create shock in the unsuspecting.


An unaccompanied death's cleanup needs time, patience, chemicals, and tools. Avoiding close exposure to an unattended death remains advisable no matter how much time passes.



Death Cleanup Prices

An advanced decomposition during summer months may cause an unattended death to cost thousands of dollars.


n unattended death with decomposition for twenty-four hours in winter for less than twenty-fours will cost thousands of dollars less than the former. Professional cleaners probably do not like to admit it, but some of the ugh facter contributes to prices. Imagine cleaning a horrific death scene in a small bathroom and removing the remains of a human being out of a toilet. Ugh.



Always call around to compare prices. Some companies will insist on seeing the death scene. Many will not. Most cleaners know what to expect. If you find a cleaner willing to give a low and high price, continue the conversation. If a cleaning company insists on seeing the scene, beware.


If a cleaning company insisted on seeing the unattended death scene and shows up with a contract, say "good-bye."

Unattended Death and Suicide Explained, in part - -

Everyone will sooner or later consider suicide as an option, no matter how rosy their life may be. Recall the many rich celebrities that have committed suicide for reasons unknown. It is an inescapable fact of life that we too must consider suicide sooner or later.


By the nature of language and thinking, we must consider suicide as an option under some conditions or no conditions. The only way of not thinking of suicide, sooner or later, would require a Universe with no suicide. In fact, it is just the same with crimnal behavior and crime scene cleanup.n i


Like crime, the first act of suicide condemned humanity to ponder suicide for the rest of human history.


We work through old age and today's old age survivors have "Baby Boomers" and their children at risk. Suicide and unaccompanied deaths increase as they reach the age of vulnerability.


The logic of suicide as a "last resort" hypotheses in some unimaginable world, or we simply to consider suicide to unravel their lonliness and complications of old age lead to an unaccompanied suicide.


We as, "Why anyone would end their own life when they're going to die soon enough" seems clear enough.

Yet, ending one's life alone becomes a promise of an end to despair, lonliness, alienation, pain, and a host of financial woes.


So we must in some manner place ourselves in the other's shoes for at least a moment to understand.









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